2024 Annual General Meeting Results

13 June 2024

Flow Traders Ltd. announces the key voting results of today’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

An overview of the key proposals adopted by the shareholders is as follows.

The Board of Flow Traders proposed a total dividend of €0.45 per share for the financial year 2023. An interim cash dividend of €0.30 per share was paid in August 2023. This means that the final dividend of €0.15 per share was approved at the AGM on an advisory vote basis.

Remuneration Report for the financial year 2023
Shareholders approved on an advisory vote basis the Remuneration Report for the financial year 2023 including the Board’s remuneration.

Proposal to re-elect Jan van Kuijk to the Board
Shareholders re-elected Jan van Kuijk to the Board with effect from 13 June 2024 for a period of four years.

Proposal to elect Owain Lloyd as Executive Director of the Board and Chief Technology Officer  
Shareholders elected Owain Lloyd as Executive Director of the Board and Chief Technology Officer. His election will be effective per the moment regulatory approval has been obtained and will run until the 2028 AGM. Owain’s election was supported by a majority of 99% of the votes validly represented.

The full voting results from the 2024 Annual General Meeting can be found at: https://www.flowtraders.com/investors/corporate-governance/agm

Rudolf Ferscha, Chairman of the Board commented;
On behalf of Flow Traders, I would like to thank all our shareholders who participated in today’s AGM and extend our appreciation to those who voted. We are delighted that our shareholders supported our proposed resolutions and are grateful for the opportunity to engage on key Flow Traders topics. I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Owain to the Board as Executive Director and CTO. His wealth of industry-relevant expertise and experience across technology and data more broadly will be invaluable to Flow Traders in the coming years as the company continues to grow. Additionally, we are delighted to confirm the re-election of Jan as Non-Executive Director and as Vice-Chairman of the Board. As a co-founder, he remains strongly committed to supporting the execution of Flow Traders’ growth strategy for the years ahead.”

Owain Lloyd, Executive Director of the Board and Chief Technology Officer added;
“I would like to express my gratitude to the Flow Traders shareholders for their support in electing me as a Board member and CTO. I am truly humbled to step into this role and excited to be part of Flow Traders’ next growth chapter. Since joining in May, I have been greatly impressed by the talented team and the strong technology foundation that has been developed. Together, we will remain focused on enhancing our distinct capabilities by leveraging the latest technologies and data insights, thereby elevating our global technology function, and contributing to Flow Traders’ overall growth agenda.”