Institutional Trading

We provide seamless liquidity off-exchange to over 2,000 counterparties

We leverage our extensive expertise to provide competitive prices and execution capabilities across a broad range of asset classes. 

Our team of experienced Institutional Traders are focused on providing consistent liquidity, even during times of elevated volatility.

We provide continuous liquidity globally in multiple asset classes

Fixed Income
Digital Assets
Our Approach
Competitive pricing
  • Inventory
  • Commitment of capital
  • Tight spreads
  • Sourcing natural liquidity
  • No 3rd party dependence
Counterparty trust
  • No recycling of liquidity
  • Net pricing / no markup or markdown
  • Focus on the trader / coverage relationship
  • Largest Authorized Participant (AP) in EU
Trading knowledge
  • Experienced in providing liquidity in complex and unpredictable markets, especially during periods of dislocation and volatility
  • Pricing in all sizes while minimizing market impact
  • Major stock exchanges and issuers are covered

Our Locations

Our Institutional Trading team is responsible for daily coverage of our fast growing network of institutional counterparties.

Regional Disclosures